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Help Maharashtra flood survivors rebuild their lives.

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Heavy rains have caused major destruction in Maharashtra and the state is on the verge of experiencing one of the worst floods ever. Rivers across the state are at risk of overflowing, affecting the lives and livelihoods of the innocents. Our Disaster Relief Team is preparing to provide assistance to flood fighters by developing an action plan to help them overcome a disaster. As per the current situation, food, water, and medical assistance are the ultimate needs of the hour.

Disaster Preparedness

Around 85% of India's territory is vulnerable to natural disasters, and marginalised communities, especially children, are most affected. Our disaster preparedness plan aims to reduce vulnerability and build community-level resilience by developing strategies that are truly effective in protecting lives and livelihoods. We work at the grassroots level with communities and local organisations, so we can better respond to local priorities and build on local capabilities.

Disaster planning is not only the right thing to do but also the need of the hour, so we formulate an action plan well in advance of the disaster.

Working at grassroots level, working for the welfare of people!

Floods are natural calamity, taking the lives of more than 7 lakh individuals every year. Hectares of crops are destroyed, and thousands of people are trapped and stranded as a result of this destructive situation. All over the world, 90% of all disasters are water related. Every year, 30 million people are displaced due to sudden disasters.

Kokan’s disaster management initiative is mainly to work in the flood-affected localities, respond to the needs of the community and ensure that the areas are resettled, which can lead to the community re-living their lives and settling themselves into their daily routine.

During the whole process our objective is to provide urgent access to food, health, and hygiene and resettle the affected areas.

Providing relief

The relief programme is promoting security and a sustainable lifestyle for millions of people around the world. Ensure medication, equip victims with life-saving medical supplies, hygiene products, and food.

Building resilience

With all the means and support, the initiative aims to provide quick methods to lessen the effects of disaster. It aims to integrate flood management more closely with community resilience to create sustainability.

We Work

For those who need support during a crisis.

We Respond

To them with facilities and reaching out to extend a helping hand.

We resettle

We begin the process of rebuilding with the help of on-the-ground supporters.


Kerala flood relief

In August 2018, Kerala experienced heavier rainfall, leading to severe floods across the state and landslides in the mountainous districts of Idukki and Wayanad. In addition, out of 54 dams in Kerala, heavy rains caused 35 dams to release excess water, adding to the increased water levels. Floods and landslides in Idukki and Wayanad caused destruction and loss. We responded promptly and in a coordinated manner. In addition to food, we also mobilised other important products such as hygiene kits, soaps, water containers, utensils, bed sheets, blankets, clothing, water purifiers, and similar items that could be used by survivors in relief camps.


During the initial months of lockdown, the COVID-19 pandemic left India's poorest population fighting for survival. In order to assist the most vulnerable individuals and communities in times of need, we created an agile plan to help them.

Where we provided food for more than 4000 homeless and street families, health kits to frontline workers, sanitary napkins about 1500 to tribal and rural women and oxygen concentrator in rural areas of Kokan region.

Maharashtra flood relief

Maharashtra was one of the worst affected states due to the monsoon. Many have lost their homes, properties, and lives due to landslides and flooding. Most badly affected places like Chiplun, Ratnagiri, Kolhapur, Khed, Lonavala, Pune, Palghar, and Satara witnessed the drastic face of the monsoon. In Chiplun, residents were stranded after the Vashishti river, the lifeline to the city, overflowed. Nearly 2.5 million people were displaced, making the cities cry for help.

We supported with blankets, water, soaps, sanitisers, towels, toothbrushes, sanitary pads, animal food and other essential necessities. To aid in the recovery of the community infrastructure, we undertook activities like shelter repairs, well cleaning, and community centre repairs. Our overall project plan also included the distribution of bleaching powder, capacity building, and awareness-raising.

Food & Water

Your support will feed those who are already suffering.

Hygiene & Sanitation

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Repair & construct

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Support them a home with basic facilities.

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