Let’s bring weak, deprived street children in mainstream education

Your support will terminate begging from children’s lives.
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Don’t they have the right to get an education and live with dignity?

Who will look at Street Children's future? Is this the future of our country? Families living with social pressure, indebtedness, addiction, superstition, and children living in a condition where there is no hope of life, no meaning of living, and no respectful life at all.

Gully school is an innovative concept initiated by Kokan Ngo; it aims towards providing mainstream education to the children living on the streets through activities. We aim to terminate begging from children’s lives.  Gully School aims to provide primary and secondary education to underprivileged children by friendly education. The school will bring weak and deprived children into mainstream education. This initiative will develop the cognitive skills of children through social participation. The emphasis is on promoting “Teaching through play" making use of locally available & culturally relevant teaching-learning tools.


The project approach is to getting younger kids ready & getting them into the stream. Our vision is to bring weak and deprived children into mainstream education. Our major task is to encourage good habits in children like wearing clean clothes, not being superstitious and not begging, etc.


Pune & Mumbai

Target beneficiary (survey)

Girls & Boys – age Between 3 to 16th


Educational activities, Exposure Tours, other activities like Drawing, dance, sports and games, computer training, Evaluation test of children, Participation in exhibition etc.

Group discussion with Leaders

Some of the leaders from various organizations will be invited to share their experience with these kids

Kids of Homeless families, Garbage pickers, Hawkers, Mathadi’s, the construction laborers, and so on, do not have the necessary resources of education.


All kids are willing to learn, Parents think this initiative is very much needed. They have selling ability


Parents are uneducated, there is No roof for Gully School, Good Volunteers, and Undisciplined Attitude. Sustainable effort without monetary support is getting difficult.


They are very confident and fearless, can be train on entrepreneur skill as they have Selling ability.


Travel community who can shift to other places for work purpose. Community fights impact the attendance of the kids. Some parents thinks kids as earning source.

How can I Help

There are many children whose education is suffering due to migration and poverty. Let's work together to take these children into mainstream education.
Your Support will bring a ray of Hope in their Lifes.

- OR -

I can help by giving 3/6 hours weekly time as a volunteer.
I can help by giving in kind Support like Toy, Clothes etc.

Call on +91 93241 17917


About Kokan Ngo

The organization started its work in 2010 to support needy/Poor children in 2010 in term of education, Medical and old aged. After two years The organization has registered on 22nd May, 2012 under Society Act 1860 and also it has registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 on 30th October, 2012 at Sindhudurga – Maharashtra.