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Cancer is crushing Ishwari’s childhood

Cancer is crushing Ishwari’s childhood

Cancer is crushing Ishwari’s childhood

Goal : ₹ 600000 /-

Ishwari is just 3 years old and does not deserve to endure such hardships

Ishwari toddles around like any other curious three-year-old who has just discovered playing and running. But sadly for her, the fun doesn’t last long. She was just 3 years old, unaware of the reality, wailing in pain.

In reality, it is the cancer that hinders her life.

Mother’s plea: "When Ishwari was born, our whole family was in celebration. She is our first child. But our happiness was short-lived. I remember that day five months ago when she started crying in the middle of the night. We couldn’t pacify her. At that very moment, I knew that if we didn’t take her to the hospital in time, we would lose her. " 

Ishwari’s father is a fisherman, whose income is never fixed. His family struggles for daily bread and cannot borrow such a huge amount.

Appeal to helping hands: Their only hope is their child. Hence, come forward and extend your generous support. Please be a miracle in their lives and save our only daughter from cancer. 

The approximate cost for the procedure is Rs. 6,00,000/- (Six Lakhs Only). Send a contribution by Cheque / DD/ Online in the name of Kokan Kala Va Shikshan Vikas Sanstha.

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