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Lets Brighten a Needy Life this Diwali

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    Celebration of Diwali with Orphans & Needy

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    Kokan Ngo

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  • Date:

    04 November 2021

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Lets Brighten a Needy Life this Diwali

Event Description

Diwali is coming, and our planning and preparations might have already started!

We do celebrate Diwali and other festivals the traditional way, but have you ever felt like doing something unique, special, satisfying, just something more? To feel the joy and share it with others?

If yes, then let’s celebrate this Diwali with less Privileged children. 

We cannot imagine Diwali without fireworks, sweets, and food. Diwali is the most sought-out festival with social and religious significance. We all wear new clothes, eat sweets, burst crackers, and light up our houses with “in–fashion” LED lights, candles, and traditional ideas. But ironically these things are limited for a few. The underprivileged section of our society is deprived of such things. The meaning of Diwali, its significance, rituals, and the reason why it is celebrated is beyond counting.

Imagine yourself walking to the market in new clothes on Diwali and you see two little kids by the side of the road, sitting with torn rags asking for food or money. If we have got more than we need, so can’t we spare some of it for the needy? A small gesture will bring smiles to their faces; a small initiative might just brighten their lives!

Let's Light up Someone's life this Diwali by helping Children in need

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