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Mother’s day celebration at ShriLochan

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    Mother’s day celebration at ShriLochan

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    Kokan Ngo

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    Mumbai & Pune

  • Date:

    08 May 2022

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Mother’s day celebration at ShriLochan

Event Description

It is said that, "God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers." Mother’s Day is all about love and gratitude. It is a day to celebrate the women who brought us into this world. To honour our mothers on this day, we all strive to get them the best gifts we can.

Have you ever wondered how children without mothers would celebrate Mother's Day?

There are many unfortunate children living around us who are deprived of the purest form of love, a mother’s love. There was a time when they lost their world and lacked purpose, guidance and advocacy in life. A child who loses a parent suffers sorrow and anxiety. Mother's Day for our kids is no longer about the woman who brought them to life, but rather about the woman who taught them to live. Although they are cared for and nurtured at ShriLochan, there is no love that is as pure, unconditional and as strong as a mother's love. Our children sometimes do look for their mothers with hope in their eyes, and we request you to be that ray of hope at least for a day.

This Sunday, May 8th 2022, celebrate Mother's Day at our ShriLochan with children. We truly believe that the definition of motherhood doesn't require being a mother. We invite you to celebrate this Mother's Day in the true sense of the word by dedicating it to our little angels who yearn for motherly warmth.

Mothers hold their children’s hands for a short while, but their hearts forever.